Specialist Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Consultancy

Simply Cells provide Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries expert support and resource in the development and commercialisation of Regenerative Medicine, Cell Therapy and Non-Therapeutic Stem Cell Research Products.

Simply Cells has over a decade of hands-on experience at the cutting edge of taking cell based products to clinical and research markets. Our advanced scientific and technical knowledge married with an in-depth understanding of commercial objectives, regulations and market trends enables us to bridge the gap between Science and Business.

What we can do for you

Simply Cells provides a range of innovative scientific solutions including technical writing, sales and marketing, fund-raising, grant writing and business development resources to drive products from concept to market. Our global experience spans both academia and industry in the North America, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

We provide resources and  a wealth of expertise  in strategic project planning, operational management, quality control, reagent sourcing, regulatory compliance and submission of advanced therapeutic products in addition to sales and marketing of stem cell research products.

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